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DELTAMAT company

Quarrying industry specialists with over 30 years of experience in the South East of France, we can make you benefit from our expertise and provide you with suitable equipment for your quarries and mines.


The range of equipment we can provide –used and new machinery, all makes, types and models- can cover all the needs of mines and quarries for stationary and mobile crushing, grinding, screening, conveying equipment, and it can produce all kinds of aggregates.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and know-how we can provide custom-made services, ranging from the study of your mineral deposit to installing and starting up your quarry plant.

Our associated testing laboratory will sample your mineral deposit and carry out analyses -hardness, abrasiveness, crushability, Los Angeles test (determination of resistance to fragmentation), Deval or micro-Deval tests (abrasion resistance)- in order to help determine the best suited equipment to meet your needs.

Our solutions

We can help you design your project according to your required specifications, draw up layout plans and help you install and start up your quarry plant.

Furthermore, we can provide all spare parts for your machinery.

Whether for crushing, mining or recycling, complete plants or single machinery, used or new, we will always be able to provide a solution –a turnkey or non-turnkey one- to meet your needs and request.

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